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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Where do I begin. Let me try to use some descriptive words for my first trip to Vegas....Overwhelming, bright, loud, crazy, fun, chaotic, massive, tons 'o' peeps, and did I mention overwhelming! I told Jake that the bad news was that I went to Vegas for the first time without him, but the good news was that I didn't see ANY of "Vegas". Can I just say that I thought the weather is Vegas was spectacular and the sky was so brilliant. It didn't dawn on me until we finally left the hotel for the first time on 3 days, that the sky I was looking at was painted on:) Don't ask me what I actually learned about photography while there because Shannon and I spent a lot of time at the Mime Convention. Who knew there was so much money to be made in miming;) Don't knock it until you attend. No......we learned a lot and I am sure that I will remember just as soon as I detox fully from my Vegas Shock! I met so many amazing people and I got to do my favorite thing in the whole world, network and people watch. I didn't take pictures of everyone, but these were a couple fun ones. I borrowed the photobooth ones from France's site. The first and best party that we went to was for the kick off for the sweet new photographer's must have item....the Gobee (shown below). You have to go check it out on the Amazing Sara France's site.
My new BFF, Irwin. Actually I can't steal him from Sara, but I think she has an amazing friend. It was a pleasure dancing (I mean chatting with you).
Let's play "where's the red nose". Good job Shannon!
Quick, everyone look like a deer in headlights. You win again, Shamone!
The ever so lovely, Willow, Willow, willow (best if you sing her name).
Let me let you in a little secret of Willow and Shannon's (just incase you end up with them in Vegas, or anywhere, and there is a camera near). They might tell you things like, "o.k., everyone blink your eyes", or "show the camera your fish face". Well, don't listen to them. Really, they just want to be the cutest ones in the picture and you'll just look like a jackal:)
This is a story that will stay in Vegas, but the memory of this man is forever etched/burned into my retinas! Hopefully my memory is as bad as I always say;)
New friend Ryan and just as important...proof that Shannon and I actually went to the tradeshow.
Peace out Vegas. A special thanks to my dearest Cindy (you all know her from my site). I think you are the most amazingly, beautiful soul on this planet. Your smile can light up a room within seconds before you actually enter. Shannon and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime on the trip and I miss you dearly. Tell Matt, thanks for sharing:)


Willow said...

OMG!! i am laughing so hard right now!!!!! these images are cracking me up from top to bottom! I was telling someone about the trip and i had the longest run-on sentence/paragraph and it ended with me jumping up and down saying " so much fun! fun! fun!" (which was a repeat from the beginning of the sentence)


Anonymous said...

hey!!! i like those pics.... i laughed so hard when those musicans showed up in the back of your car!lol they are really good singers!
anyways ttyl love yah

Cindy Cieluch Photography said...

I'm ALREADY counting down 'til next year! I had the two coolest roomies...THANK YOU for everything. Matt says you're very welcome...and YOU make ME smile...cin