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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Twins!

Can I just say that I love this client! When my Grandma passed away and I had to go up to Alaska immediately, it would have been handy to have an assistant keeping things straight and calling any clients that I may have on the books. Especially a mother of twins that went to have her hair and make-up done at Dosha, drove all the way up to my house from deep Portland, only to find out that I was out of town. I felt so horrible and I was so nervous to do this shoot. Not only did I start things off on the wrong foot, but they were 8 month old twins...that is stress in itself. Well, needless to say, things went off without a hitch and I am blessed to know this gorgeous family. The twins stole my heart within minutes and here is a note that their Mom gave me that warms my heart...
"It was great meeting you, too. We truly had a blast at the photo shoot. You were completely right on with what you said at the beginning--that everyone has dreadful memories of childhood portrait sessions, but that you aim to make it a more positive, laid back, and natural experience. Well, you delivered! I was feeling really stressed out driving up to the studio with being late and nothing having gone to plan up to that point. Within 15 minutes of getting started with the shoot, I forgot my troubles and just enjoyed the spirit of watching my little cuties hamming it up for the camera." You know I have to keep it real here, so here are a couple of those not so perfect, perfect shots.

You should see this Mom with her babies. She is so soft spoken, patient and so in love. Her is a tender moment when her little girl was crying and you can just see it tear at her heart.
I can't tell you how many times hearts (in some form) show up in my pics. I love this one.
The last time in our life when cheese is a good thing:)

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