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Saturday, April 19, 2008


He's 6'7" and he has size 16 shoes....that is a little girl's jump rope! He's never afraid to jump into to anything in life and so I think this is so fitting. Most people would look at the rope and thing...there's no way, right. Well, Jake has to actually give it a try to see if it can be done. that's what I love about him! So go jump into your weekend...and I'm going to figure out a way to not upload my photos onto to blogger because all my pictures look like the people are dying or at least losing their color:)

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Erika said...

Size 16 shoes? While others are reading into your beautiful tribute to your cutie patootie, I am still thinking, "16? Do they sell those at Nordstrom?" Tell me more about the life of buying shoes for a size 16 boy!!! I am so curious! We have our own shoe issues with our boy - size 11.5 triple E (as in FAT FLAT FEET) :) But 16's - educate me!