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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jet Li inspired

Shannon and I were jumping all weekend and all the while I felt like an elephant in the shots. I felt like I was getting 1 cm off the ground and landed so hard that I shoot my inners! We were trying to accomplish some kind of Jet Li look in an alley. Really we just got off track while we were trying to find coffee on the ride home. We were doing all this across from the performing arts building in Olympia and we had quite a crowd built up. Looking back, I don't think the dancers that were watching were laughing because they were having fun with us....they were laughing at us!

Shannon was so impressive that she attracted a super hero...I think all I attracted was a hernia! I'm guessing that I have to find my inner-supermodel before I can attract the heroes of the world, and I think I captured the moment that brought Superman down to Earth!


MarkGalligan said...

i love the fith one and the last one!! That pic of you reminds me of the Matrix! Sounds like you both had alot of fun. C ya

janice said...

I can't wait to hear/see the "super secret" projects you and Shannon have up your sleeves. I am such a groupie!


tj cameron said...

cool ninja skills

Your Mother said...

Just remember that your ankles are already plastic.

You be careful, Kathy.

Love, Mom

Fred Egan said...

These shots are SOOO cool!! Your like Uma Thurman on Kill Bill :P


Shyla said...

you are my heros :) I love you girls!!!

will you make me a Tshirt that says "SHATHY is my hero" ?? :)