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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boob Tube

See...I think this thing is going to get funny! Or maybe that's as funny as it gets. This is Aaron above and I will have to introduce him in another post. For now you get to know him as the "Funniest Boob Tube Man", yet...he wants to ass you a few questions:) LOL! And this is "angry Boob-Tube Man" below:)


truthinlight said...

You seriously need some sleep:) LOL! How funny is that...but maybe it is b/c I am viewing it at 2 am??? Great stuff, such a creative idea.

The Wash said...

Love the mini tv.

Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

LOL... too funny! I'll where the title "Funniest Boob Tube Man" proudly :D

Anonymous said...

what is that little tv thing???