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Saturday, August 18, 2007


My friend Shannon said it best when she wrote on her blog about a recent tragedy...that she "writes this with a heavy heart". You see when she and I do shoots, we are not just the photographer. We have a short amount of time to connect with our subjects and sometimes in that short time, you do more connecting than you would over months of knowing someone. I leave each shoot being confused of whether or not to call people my friends or clients. I have been touched by so many amazing families, kids, adults in these last 6 years and I can't help but be emotionally attached to each shoot. In most cases I see many family's souls, a woman's inner beauty, or a child's pure heart. This is why I do what I do. Well, when Shannon out last night that a client that she has captured for three years now (from the birth of their twins) were in a tragic accident, she was confused on her emotions. told her that they were a part of her life and she touched them in many ways, and that she was totally justified in her emotions. The family was is a plane wreck in Alaska on Thursday (just a couple days after she dropped their proofs on their doorstep) and 4 out of the 6 in the family all died. The survivor is the twins grandmother, and one twin (Alison). I am writing about this tragedy because it was an eye opener for me on many levels. I have been thinking about how important those pictures that Shannon took of the twins 3rd birthday are now. I know that they be the only thing that triggers that little girls memory of her beautiful family. I also hugged my kids a little bit tighter tonight as I tucked them into their bed. So all of you just go take some snapshots of your family to capture how you are right just how you are, because they will mean the world later...happy or sad, they're memories. Please keep this family in your prayers and help them to find strength. This is one moment that I will hold onto forever!


Christy said...

Oh man.....we saw that on the news the other night. I've seen those kiddos at Mcdonalds one time. Just want you to know that as a family you have photographed since our kiddos were babies we treasue you! You are a FRIEND to us and I couldn't imagine the feelings your friend must be having. We will say a prayer for her and the family today. You guys capture precious moments that will last for generations to come. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Just last night my brother told me about that story because he is working on a house that is across the street from the family. They noticed news vans there and went over and asked what happened.I was heart broken when I heard, I can only imagine how Shannon feels. Her and the family wil be in my prayers tonight.


cindy cieluch photography said...

I just read Shannon's blog...and I remember seeing her photos of that beautiful family. It's hard to even imagine. Lil' Allison and the grandma are in my prayers.