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Friday, April 17, 2009

Beyond The Bullet

Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you Heidi for making a HUGE difference in my life. I don't want to write on and on and lose your attention. I just wanted to share one of the most beautiful videos. Amy sang this live at the book launch to this slideshow and it couldn't have been more important to me! Thank you Amy (I heart you). Click here for the youtube version. Also here is a link to our journal for the book that is linked to the site ( We hope to track all the activity surrounding the book and the beautiful stories that come out of sharing our beauitful baby:) Thank you all for your suppert and I hope you buy a copy of the book from me. Or if you are ourt of town, order it off Amazon or Barnes. If you get it from me, then more of the proceeds will go to the incredible organization we are supporting (Families and Friends of Violent Crime Victims)...and the pictures are better in the copies I have. Oh, and I will sign it for you;)


Kristi said...

Oh Kathy - usually I just lurk around here every once in a while to check out your beautiful work and words, but that video was powerful enough to move me to tears. You did an unbelievable job of capturing the stories in their faces, and telling the truth of the power of the human heart. I see tangible Grace in every image. What an inspired work of art.

Cindy Cieluch Photography said...

After reading the's amazing to see all of these different images. I love the way you were able to capture each person's story in an intimate, natural and unobtrusive way. They're more than just beautiful photos. They are full of life, love and faith in what the future holds. Amazing work, Kathy. I'm so proud of you and Heidi.