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Monday, June 1, 2009


Girls...ask yourselves...when do you laugh the hardest in life? I dare to say that the hardest I have ever laughed in my life has always been with girlfriends. Oh, and there was that one Mojito night at the lake a couple summers ago with my family, but that doesn't count because there was alcohol. If laughter is the best medicine, then God has blessed me with the best laughing months that a girl can handle to make sure that I am fit as a fiddle. I really want to know what is so dang contagious about laughing with your girlfriends that makes it so unique? I can be completely silly with Jake and we laugh everyday with each other, but it is just different. I am really beginning to believe that this laughter is in my life for a bigger reason and I am starting to really see how important my community of women really is. It all started with the amazing weekend filled with love and laughter in Lincoln city. The weekend was filled with passion and laughter...what could be more powerful than that?
Then you all remember when Lindsay came into my life and lit my soul on fie with all the laughter that we shared.
Then I was BEYOND blessed when my childhood friends came to visit for less then 12 hours. There is something so healing and comfortable about girlfriends that know your past and everything that encompasses who you were. Then we got to meet all over again and share our grown up lives. I love them dearly and I will be feeding off of our short time together for years to come. Cass and Irley you were the best thing since sliced cheese! Can you tell who always acts a fool...but only because they think I am funny:)That's the laugh I'm talking about...look at the gut-wrenching laugh. I think I did the equivalent of about 1 million sit-ups while they were here. Then there was the most recent. Cindy...oh make me feel all warm in my chest when I think about our time together. You have a joy in your heart like none other. I have never met anyone so genuine and beautiful as you. When I get around you I feel like we can conquer the world, or at least save the Tamils;)
And because of Cindy, I was able to go for a LONG overdue visit to the friend that rocked my world in every sense of the word, from the first day that I met her almost 10 years ago! She is my soul sister and my kindred spirit. When I describe her to anyone, I glow. She is statuesque, bold, powerful, confident and so full of life. This trip was much needed on both parts and I cried when I had to say good-bye to both. I have pictures of Terri's beautiful family that I will share and more from DC. I just felt it in my heart to talk about these amazing women in my life and there are so many more that I am blessed with. Thank you to all my incredible community of women. Here's to more healing laughs and being there for one another. I love you all and hope that I bring as much joy into your lives as you do mine! Terri, is it wierd that I want to blow this up HUGE on my wall:) Can't you all just feel the joy in this shot? I miss you my friend!


Amanda Overmyer Photography said...

I've been missing your blogs..and they always come at the right time. You continually remind me to say thanks for the breath I'm breathing and the joy I should feel to do what I love just one more day! Thank you for your lessons - for your insight. I only hope to put in use what you have been preaching. :)

Willow said...

kathy i love getting together with you and laughing and talking and laughing and talking and laughing!

i swear if i lived closer you would be like, "dude, maybe you should go home and hang out at YOUR house, you've been here for like, 2 weeks straight!" and we would both be sleep deprived because if we went to sleep we would miss out on talking and laughing and talking and laughing....:) LOVE YOU!!!

Cindy Cieluch Photography said...

what can i say besides...I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

what a hysterical and emotional time we had. the wrong name, the flat tire, the mean cop...but a true and full-of-love wedding with amazing people.

you rock in every way a girlfriend can. i have a feeling i'll be seeing you again soon...

thank you for such a fun and uplifting post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kath
needed to check-in and visit with your photographs today, so much fun! love your blog entries -they really make me turn inward and question and think and pause (you know you love the "pauses!") thank you for the pictures...i need a kathy/terri picture in my house, so send to me -soonest! as for the other picture - with that one i feel like a human exclamation point after one word: joy

peace -tj