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Monday, February 16, 2009

How am I doing?

I would be a lot better if my photos weren't so muted on Blogspot:) I think it's time to call on some talented friends to help me step up this blog. "How am I doing" and "what am I doing lately" seems to be the burning question these days. How can I sum up the most dramatic 4 months of my life? Well, I still feel like MS has been the biggest blessing to ever walk through my door. I can run, jump, give myself MVP at volleyball games:), and still feel like the same ol' me (still jumping for joy). Thanks for the pic below Kenz!
What's not the same? My food looks a lot more colorful. My hands and feet tingle when I am not rested, stressed, or not eating right. I get fatigue and this is a first in my life (yes, even after having 3 kids). I think the toughest battle daily is the "mental". It is a nonstop challenge to keep my thoughts in check, not to worry. I just read the most amazing book for MS (in my opinion). The MS Recovery Diet and it has reconfirmed many of the things that I have been feeling and wondering and it has also calmed A LOT of my fears down. I continue to take baby steps with my diet and I would have to say that it is the only thing that seems to be getting me down at all. I hope to incorporate Yoga with my 3 times a week of volleyball. I plan to start meditating regularly...oh, and I will be selling Mona Vie I think. It has been, and will always be a part of my recovery and I know it will make a difference in a lot of your lives. I just want to sell enough to get mine for free because I spend A LOT on my other prescriptions (supplements and yoga:) Isn't the Clam Linguine beautiful below (Thanks Tracie)!

Just as soon as this little monster (Keeta) calms down on the biting I think I will be even more on keel:) So to answer your questions....yes, I am fact, I am more than fine. And for the first time I am getting to know my mind, body and soul to the core and I am truly able to answer that question beneath the surface. How are you all doing? The surface answer is "great, or tired, or fine..." but have you really asked yourself that question lately? Thank you all for your kind words, your support and most of all your prayers and love. You all rock my soul more than you will ever know. Ms. Carlisle


Jake said...

I know you feel alone in this journey at times but rest assured, I am always right by your side. Let's just go live off the land in Africa....Survivorman does it!

Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

You are awesome! And your perseverance of keeping the joy and fire of life alive in your life is an inspiration to many.. :) The clam linguine looks amazing!! :)

wrecklessgirl said...

i'm so glad you posted this today. i feel more alive because of it.

PD said...

yay! just wanted to say hi.