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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am a Rockstar

I didn't want to wait for someone else to proclaim I was a rockstar so I went ahead and bestowed the title on myself. This man below (Billy Hawn aka Ricardo) recently gave Shannon and I the opportunity to peer into his rockstar life. What that meant to me was that I wanted to take the opportunity to tell his story for one night. My job was going to be trying to define this one night in Portland to be different from every other stop he was going to embark on while on the road. You see this is exactly what I needed to complete my theories on the "Rolling Stone" way of shooting. You know before when I said I wanted to shoot like Annie L. did while she would tour with bands (Keeping it Real). Well, little did Annie know...if she would have been a little more cool she wouldn't have had to tour with them for months and years to get the real story:) I was able to get to know both Billy and Jason in a blink of an eye and I a happy to call them friends. Chew on that Annie;) For real....Thank you to you Billy for letting me peer into your window of life for a moment and for making me laugh so damn hard. The passion that is within you is contagious and your smile can light up any soul.
This is the effect I have on many of my clients....sometimes I make them want to just bang their foreheads. I love to capture emotion though.....and that's emotion:)
The 70's green room....This is Billy in h

Jason, posing for Shannon and Billy (rockstar turned photographer...see anyone can do it:)Shannon helped with the scary lighting on this crazy little inside joke/prop that the boys picked up at a thrift shop. They get a little lonely on the road and need a little female presence.
Probably the most beautiful song preformed that night. Amazing!
Loved watching all the girls swoon over the boys. I' sure that if I wasn't hiding behind the camera the whole night, distracted, that I would have been gazing as well.
There couldn't be swooning without love notes:)
Thanks again to Billy Hawn and Jason Reeves for a spectacular night and fun times. You guys are a class act. Check out the rest of their in my proofing section...password...hawn.


Shannon Sewell said...

Well, I already knew you were a rockstar... it's about damn time everyone else did too ;)

Absolutely love the story you told. That is definitely your strong suit and I love being able to see these things through your eyes.

Fantasitc night. Fabulous images. And you brought it all together phenomenally ;)


Kara May said...

Great images! I'm from the Seattle area and live in South Carolina now. Always nice to see NW photogs. Beautiful work.