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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I had the opportunity to meet this incredible family and to tell their beautiful story. This is my friends sister and her family and I knew right when I heard their story, I just had to photograph them. Their oldst (M) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (at 3) that has a low survival rate. I wanted to do a session with them while he was going through the Chemo (that's when I first heard their story) and call it "a celebration of life' session. By the time I got the guts to ask them...he had passed a clean bill of health. He had his first cancer free check up and I am here to tell you....'M' is doing amazing. He is a normal, BUSY 4 year old, and he knows what he wants and doesn't want (me and my camera!) His little bro just tries to keep up with him and wanted more then anything, to swim in that river. The families support and beliefs are so strong and they have a beautiful success story to tell. Oh yeah, and I caught a little love story while I was at it.. I am thankful for this opportuntiy and I am glad to know their family. K

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Vera said...

What a beautiful story. Brought tears of sadness... then joy when I found out he was clear. Kath, you really know how to capture the moment.