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Monday, June 22, 2009


O.K. imagine these so much brighter!!! Thanks for still sucking Blogger, and I will pat myself on the back for dragging my feet on starting my new blog. I'm on it:) This project was so much more about the feelings of accomplishment, bravery, anticipation, and so many other emotions more then just surprising my hubby or having fun with friends. I will forever hold this weekend in my heart as a reminder to keep things spiced up and to always go looking to put the butterflies in my own stomach. To go do something that you are so proud and excited about that you quite possibly are the most contagious person in that moment. I took more than a baby step with this project and the accomplishment is bleeding into so many other avenues in my life, I can hardly stand it. What energy are you carrying with you today? What are you saying to yourself over and over? I have said that I am not a do'er, that I am a procrastinator....yada, yada. Well, when I "do", I am amazing. And when I am determined it is liberating. Thank you again to Amy and Aaron, and thank you all for your excitement you shared with me. You will have to come over to experience the true vibrant colors and amazing energy in our love nest in person. Or I could just keep it all to myself and tell you to go do your own;) Here's to doing!

The headboard is a work in progress. We plan on putting some ridiculously, amazing pictures up there soon.
This is a print that I made using Session beer caps with Rock, Paper, Scissors and the words above are "Managing our Love". That is exactly how Jake and I decide who does the not-so-fun, jobs in our lives (usually entailing cleaning up poop of all kinds;)Me+Him=Love! I also have one more on another wall that has us together in it.
This is the love note board. I want to be able to leave sticky notes of love on here every so often.
This is me being totally happy and beyond excited to show Jake. I think this is right before he got home.
These are the beautiful flowers that Brittney gave me that made the room smell like Hawaii. And I this was a new table from Target that I glues record coast to so that I could match my record wall downstairs.A love note to Daddy from his little girl:)


brittilini said...

you're such a little inspirer...

i can smell the freshness of love :)

get ready for HGTV to give you a call for your own series entitled "The Love Nesta"


Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

looks so good with the green doors!! just makes it pop! and i didn't realize YOU made that session picture that makes it all the more awesome! good times... :)

Rachel Brooke said...

looks amazing!!! i love all the little details that make it unique. from the previous post it looks like it was a fun process too with your friends coming along to help. i think i might try to hire you to come to texas when we buy a house :)

Cindy Cieluch Photography said...

ahhhhhhhh yeah!!!!!!

LOVE EVERYTHING about your new getaway!

the record table - perfect...the plants...the frames...the love board.

the room fit you + jake to a T.

CONGRATS and awesome job my friend!

i agree with rachel...can i hire you?!??!?!

Heather said...

LOVE the colors Kathy! Congrats on this BIG moment! I've still never done this......but it's on my list :-) Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

love it! It looks so relaxing and amazing. I miss you old friend. Was thinking about you today....mmm.... :) Love you.

Anonymous said...

Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!.