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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stolen Moments

This is why I want to teach parents how to take better pictures. ( shit still isn't together:) The way I see it, you can hire me or any other photographer for an few hours, even a day, but there are just some moments that are saved for the most intimate moments. These memories are packed with the strongest emotions, and the most detailed senses. They are the moments that stop a mom or dad in their tracks and make the head tilt, the nose burn, and then the happy tears start to flow. They are the moments that we cry about because we have all been too busy to see and life is so much in fast forward we wish that we could pause it for these moments. Why wouldn't I want every one of my friends to be able to capture these moments I speak of:) Get out your cameras and just keep clicking. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's just a tool to capture what you feel in your heart at that moment. Something years from now that you can look at that sparks a beautiful story that will be told to your grandchildren. This is one of those moments below. I was on my way to DC and went in to kiss them good-bye. They were having a slumber party and this is the dog pile that I stumbled upon at 5 in the morning.

Jalena reading Jamie a book. Jamie loves to play with her hair. So sweet!

This is the concentration of a perfectionist. He went on his sister's fieldtrip and you couldn't tell that he was the only preschool kid because he was such a good listener:) Too bad this memory was tied to the fish hatchery. Remember the stong senses...well this one reaks like fish. lol
This one is going to bring back the emotions of sheer bliss and excitement of going to the zoo together. This is one of their favorite places and they always have the tightest bond when they are there together. "Come on Jamie, let's go to the sea lions!" and Little Miss Independent is leading the way.
This is them trying not to smile. Jamie apparently wanted the picture to be serious and he said "wait, I need to get into character"....can you believe that clown. The kids still think he is the funniest kid on their planet.
Today...and everyday for that matter..I am thankful for the camera. I didn't know what I was doing when I first started and here's a little secret (most days I and many of my "professional" photographer friends, feel like fish out of water with our shoots still). My goal was never to master the technical side of photography and thank goodness, because I would be a complete failure;) Here's to the most amazing tool in the world and for being able to capture my life around me. The things that make me think, the moments that make me happy, the people that make me think and all the beauty that I get too out of the NOW to see.


Willow said...

wow, this is a beautiful post, i love it and read every word!!! (sometimes i graze, i'll admit it! :)) i love the part about mastering the technical aspect, good reminder that we need not be perfect, just share our vision. i love that you share and i love your honesty. i cant wait to see you so very soon!!!!!!

Shannon Sewell said...

beautiful as always... miss those kiddos...


Kristi said...

Love this Kathy! I felt like it was written just for me ;)

Anonymous said...

This is kind of an obtuse way to contact you. Kind of related to this subject actually. I interviewed Grandma Rose with T's video camera a couple years ago. Asked how she met grandpa and to tell me about her life growing up. T does not have her instruction manual nor any of the cables for the camnera, just the cassette. I can't figure out how to get this out of the camera and on to my computer to share with everyone. Truly interesting and we get to see grandma's personality. Send to I'll ask Bobby too. Liana

Your Babies Daddy said...

Fantastic Post! You have mastered the most important aspect of being a picture taker...that is the relationship aspect. Any Yahoo can learn aperture and light and print "Photographer" on a business card. The real art comes into finding or creating the moments that need to be captured. You've got skills girl. Thanks for capturing our life. We sit in our rocking chairs when we are 80 as we talk about the photos of the past. - Love You

Carla Pomroy said...

awesome entry and honest voice
Kathy- thanks for sharing at our click chick group and touching our hearts. You know you part of the group even though you are a few more miles away. We feel your creative energy and inspiration for life not just for photography stuff. Thanks a million plus for being you- absolutely you.