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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Not long ago Aaron was over at the house after we did a shoot together. It was a normal day in the Carlisle household...taking a moment out of our day to have a big ol' snuggle-fest. He picked up the camera to capture what he thought was going to be a tender moment.
Until I went in right for the "tenders". It turned into WWF in no time, which is a likely event in our household.I didn't factor in the dog into the equation before I started in on smack down;) She added a whole new dimension into the game.
I can't thank you enough Aaron for capturing the dirtiest move on this side of the Mississippi. Jake locks both my hands together so he has free reign of the whisker attack on my face and neck:(As you can imagine, that cheap shot gets me a little heated. My next move usually doesn't end well...dropping the hammer from way up..."The Flying Ninja Kick"The ninja kick usually drops him to the ground where it gets down right dirty! I can't say that I have officially won any of these wrestle-fests, but that's not going to stop me from trying.
Aaron, I can't put into words what these pictures mean to me. These are the simple, beautiful, memorable moments that I would have let slip away in my fading memory and these pictures bring back the smallest little details of that day. The most simple moments that go on under this roof are the details of our hearts. They are the memories that my kid will hold onto for their lifetime and they will have pictures to go with the stories that they tell their children. Thank you for being in our life! Here is another simple moment that I don't want to forget. I don't know when they will ever be able to trim their own toenails, but its a mundane choir that I adore because they get to be close me and I get to pick at them like a mama monkey:)


Shannon Sewell said...

:) (that pretty much sums it up)

Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

awwww.... you're welcome! im so glad i was there to capture this moment for you guys! :) you guys are the best!! :D

Willow said...

dude, if you had limbs as long as him it might be a LITTLE more of a fair fight! :) these images are great, definitely keepin it real :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! great photos. You're family is beautiful inside and out! xo Joy G.