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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Nonesense

A room wouldn't be complete without a trip to Target for the finishing touches and more fun.
This is the project that I decided to take on the same day that Jake was coming home. I had to paint 3 of these. Thank goodness Aaron was in on this one as well.
The crew! Notice the sweet girl on the end. Our story goes a little something like this. Out of nowhere she e-mails after finding my site from a musician's site. She says to me..."To start, I came across your site by combing through Keegan Smith’s photos…..which then led me to your blog.....I’ve taken this past week, as time has allowed, to read through your archives and let me just say Ms. Carlisle - you have, truly, lit a fire in my soul….

The reason you have stood out to me in such a profound way is how transparent you are. It seems, to me, there is a lot of hocus pocus in this world – so many different illusions to work through – yet, I found you – and with all that I have in me, without ever meeting you, without knowing the sound of your voice or whether or not you life truffle salt (which is a personal favorite of mine ;) ) I feel your magic is the truest and rawest there is – the kind that comes from the soul – I feel your work….and anyone that comes across your path, I am confident, does as well. I don’t even have to ask how you do it – it’s as simple as you do it just by being you….and that is beautiful." Oh and there was a lot more of this dilishesness, can you even stand it. Of course I had to have her over. And wouldn't you know she came bearing gifts and jumped right in on the project. I heart you definitely ROCKED my soul!
Off for a break to our favorite place!
Now, here is a little treat that Aaron caught for you all. This might seem like a little much facial serenade until you realize that I am singing from my fav. movie, Moulin Rouge. When I found out that my two friends had never seen it, I broke up with them and had to finish the room with my new BFF (Brittney, because she loves the movie as well). I will only hang out with you other two again when you have seen the movie. Please understand that I am doing this for your own good;)

Can you feel it! This just sums up the feelings in my heart after accomplishing such a weekend! I know I am going to get more mad comments wanting to see the room, but I have to make sure I get the whole story....Sing it with me..."All you need is love"


Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

hahah.. the singing ones are so funny :) i see it soon and then we can be friends again ;)

Britt said...

Aaron, i will try to remember to bring a copy for you when i come up next time.....

..and Ms. are all that is good....thank you for inviting me, a stranger stranger than strange, into your home...oh, and quit sharing my personal e-mails with everyone ;)

by the sky - I'm DIGGIN' the singin' shots. So much... they really set the tone for the film perfectly...