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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Galeotti's..."Where everyone is family"

Many of you might not know a disturbing fantasy of mine....I always wanted to marry the Mafia...don't judge;) Well, I think this is hopefully the closest I will ever get. This beautiful family just happens to be the sweetest Italian family on this side of the Mississippi:) This is my beloved friend, Aaron's family. They just took over a restaurant in Battle Ground and they are going to be rebranding it soon with their new fabulous spirit that they carry with them. When Papa Mike and Joy asked me to do a Soprano-type shot of them to blow up for the restaurant I was a little nervous. I don't like trying to recreate someone else's art. So what's a girl to do? She calls her dear friend Brian, that is always up for the challenge. As always, he opened up his heart and mind to me and once again I have been inspired, I have learned and I have a heart full of thanks. Here is what it takes to set up a shot such as this...

This is the stance of a creative genius! If you have ever worked with Brian, you can't help but LOVE and feed of his intense energy. The Galeotti's adored him of course and you have to go check out his shots (unreal!) My take on the day will be in the next post...don't chew your nails off;)


The Wash said...

Oh no! I can't take Jake in that picture. Hilarious. I hope he was workin' the brows.

Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

thank you so much!! no one could have done it better :) what a great day.. love jake's feminine pose :)