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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Passion is contagious!

This is so exciting I don't even know where to begin....
Let's go back about 10 years.
I had a camera
I had a baby
Baby inspires me to learn again. I start reading. I start looking for a way to be more.
I fall in love with baby so much and the only way I have to document it is a point and shoot film camera.
I start journalling, cutting pictures out of magazines, taking pictures....I say this because "scrapbooking" was not yet a household craft.
Then I REALLY started scrapbooking. Then I got payed to scrapbook.
Then I wanted to get better pictures and I start shooting all the time.
Then people started complimenting my photography and "maybe I could shoot their family"?
There...STOP...there is the spark, and it is about to get ignited. The day I started to ASPIRE to become a photographer! First I toy with the idea and start tip toeing through the beginning of an exploration. How can I shoot in better light? Where do I get better prints? What outrageous thing can I do with my kid now, all for the sake of a picture?
Then I found The Catalyst in my photography life....Joyce Makenzie. She handed me her camera and had faith in me. After that first click of the camera in her studio, I felt impulses begin to fire in me that I never knew existed. There were fires started in the depths that were igniting motivation for the first time in a long time. I couldn't learn enough. My head is still spinning!
Fast forward through 3 amazing kids, the most supportive parents/family, husband and friends a girl could ask for, and a passion that could never be extinguished was born....
Now...I want to be That Catalyst (thanks for the brainstorming Tracie!). I want to be the wave maker and the synergist that stimulates a passion waiting to be fueled in someone else. I know that my passion is contagious and I love to share my here goes the beginning of this chapter.
My friend Amy Hall has been a catalyst to me for this as well. I have had classes on my agenda for years but I think I let fear get in my way. Amy is that friend that I admire for her ability to do. She is a mover and a shaker and she is one of my biggest fans. What I was delighted to encounter this year is that I am now one of her biggest fans;) She has grown into an incredible photographer that shares the same thirst for photography that we never seem able to quench. She has given me the courage and push that I needed to create a space for others to learn. So here's the news....she and I are teaming up for the first ever class....drum roll please....called...
So please come and aspire to get out of your box...whether it is the fear box, or the busy box, or the there's too much to learn box, and come be in an encouraging surrounding that is going to be filled with amazing people. This is the mothership of all crafts. Photos for life. We plan to squash every antonym to the word Catalyst (block, blockage, preventer, prevention). Can you feel the excitement? Thank you Amy for helping me get out of my own way!!!

More Details....
There is going to be so much fun, talking, doing, eating, laughing, learning and deep thinking that your heads might implode as your eyes are taken over by your soul!
$395.00 Full Day class
$100.00 extra for a bonus day of more hands-on practice getting behind and "maybe" in front...(not saying for sure in case you panic;) of the camera. We are OPEN books and there is nothing off limits. So leave your "I cant's at the door", open up your mind and put the most amazing tool in your hands and learn with us! Leave a comment if you are interested in more info (or e-mail We are only taking 20 rockstars so jump on it!
Oh the dates:0
October 24th and 25th


Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

YES!! you totally did it!! :) im so happy and excited for you! this is going to rock!! :D
you're my catalyst ;)

Amy said...

Yep. Can't wait. We make a kick ass team! This will be so fun and all that come will ignite their fires! YES!

Hymas Life said...

Contagious indeed!!
Thank you SO MUCH for reigniting my desire, my passion, my fire! I'm having fun with it again and simply taking the time to do it!!

Terry said...

You may not remember me but we spoke about a year ago regarding a class. You said that it was something you wanted to do but you just didn't know when. This must be it. I would love to hear more details....this is something I have been craving ever since I started blog-stalking you. Do I contact you through your website?


Amanda Overmyer Photography said...

I have been waiting for this post for a long time to finally get the chance to work with you. So sad that I am already beyond booked on the weekend you chose. I hope to see another one of these again! You continue to inspire me through each blog entry. said...

Your nieces, Kayla & Sara are looking at their schedule as I type to see if they can fly to Oregon! I'm so proud of you!!! Perhaps we could book you for Alaska?? LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

ooo mom! me and sara wood love to come!

Willow said...

YOU are a rockstar! woo hoo! way to cross a big thing off your list, you are going to have soooooo much fun!

Cindy Cieluch Photography said...


I wish I could attend to be around your passion.

After all, I'm just one of the several you've encouraged to get back into photography. I will NEVER be able to thank you enough.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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