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Friday, August 7, 2009

So Beautiful

50 Years...they are different then us. They're journey is so unique to them. And yet I see us in them. I see the respect, the ultimate admiration, and the over-whelming love in their eyes that has grown over 50 years. That is HOPE. Because I know that we are them. We will be looking into each other's eyes in another 39 years thinking to ourselves, "where did the time go?" I will have the same New Bride glow about me, and you will be handsome as ever. I can't wait to have someone snag a picture of you gazing at me as if I were the same blushing bride that you remember 50 years ago.
I can't wait to renew our vows and not be able to get many words out amongst the tears because the moment is too overwhelming with love. I can't wait until 50+ years of this same love takes my breathe away with you by my side, holding my wrinkled hand.
I can't wait to kiss you with my eyes closed and in that moment, have no clue that 50 years has passed because the love is so familiar and timeless.
So beautiful you are...
please don't move
you feel so good to me..
so very beautiful.

What could inspire such words on this fine day, you ask? What does 11 years of passion, respect, trust, friendship, love, lust and laughter equal...Marriage. 11 years ago at this time I believe I was about to walk down that isle with butterflies filling my stomach and chest waiting to see Jake's face as he sees his beautiful, blushing bride for the first time. I never could have anticipated where our young love would take us.
"What is passion? It is surely the becoming of a person." I cannot thank you enough Jake, for helping me shape into a person I can be proud of, in a love that is so could only come straight from God.
You are so patient
so deep
so funny,
so open. (I am at a loss of all the words I could use to describe so many amazing qualities)
I am so thankful,
so hopelessly in love,
so excited and thirsty for more.
Together, I am pretty sure that we are unstoppable. You are on my mind all the time. You are the best thing to ever happen to me:)
If there were ever the most perfect reflection of our love that I could use to describe our love, it would have to be these three! Can you even believe the life we have created for ourselves. Happy Anniversary my love. Thank you God for the perfect man for me. Thank you Jake for all that you are. I love you more than these silly words could ever express...


amy said...

you (& jake) inspire me so so much . plus you're so cute together it's ridiculous . plus you're good dancers . need i go on?

Aaron Galeotti Photography said...

why are you guys so amazing!? like i don't even know what else to say.. you both really are the perfect matches for each other and its beautiful to see and gives me hope for my journey :) thank you..


Carla Pomroy said...

ahhh, love your tribute you your relationship, love, and life. Beautifully put into words as you do so well. Thinking of you.

Lindsey Viersen said...

Absolutely beautiful...need I say more! Congrats on 11 amazing years!

Amy said...

Goodness...what to say, you guys are so perfect in the best ways....and totally real! I love this post...and I love you both! Let's wax soon;)

Tracie said...

Hey- I think I took that dancing photo! Hope the rest weren't out of focus. Loved your post- and loved our time in AK.

brittilini said...

some say that after you get married things change - passion fades - love simmers

i don't believe the some...i never have an never will -

thank you, both, for proving them wrong -

so beautiful, indeed...